The Italian foreign and international cooperation minister, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, has signed an agreement with Paraguayan foreign minister Luis Alberto Castiglioni to allow the citizens of Paraguay and Italy to obtain dual Italo-Paraguayan citizenship.

In Paraguay, about 40% of the population has Italian origins, and there are many Paraguayans who for the «jus soli» would be entitled to Italian citizenship, but so far they have hesitated to request it in order not to lose that of Paraguay.

The status of «dual citizenship» is exhorted for the individuals who, while they have exchanged their interests abroad, don’t expect to remove the relationship with their source/origin, even in perspective on a potential return.

Dual citizenship is a plausibility that the individuals who wish to move to another country should think about. In Italy, they have chosen to support the incorporation of outsiders, and, like this to consent to the coordination of Italians abroad, without fundamentally revoking their legal commitments in the nation of the source.

Finally now, thanks to the new agreement signed by the Italian and Paraguayan foreign ministers, it will be possible for citizens of both nationalities to have dual citizenship. This is a great success for the community of Italian origin living in Paraguay, commented Paraguayan foreign minister Luis Alberto Castiglioni, himself of Italian descent. Indeed some Presidents of Paraguay are Italo-paraguayans: José Patricio Guggiari (1928 – 1932), Andrés Rodríguez Pedotti (1988 – 1993), Juan Carlos Wasmosy Monti (1993 – 1998) and Luis Ángel González Macchi (1999-2003).

The visit of the Italian foreign minister to Asunción was also an opportunity to address political, cultural, commercial and economic issues, to develop new bilateral relations between the two countries and increase trade. Paraguay is a country rich in opportunities and with a rapidly growing GDP, Italy and Italian companies want to participate in the development of this emerging nation that has proved to be the most competitive in South America.

The visit of the Italian minister Moavero Milanesi then continued in Argentina and Uruguay, two other nations where the presence of the Italian community is very strong.

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